Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chinese Man Lives in Mobile, Egg-Shaped, Bamboo House

For two months, a 24-year-old architect lived in a hut with electricity, water and wheels on the streets of Beijing.

After college, Dai Haifei, 24, landed a good job at an architecture firm inBeijing. But since the living expenses in China's capital are so high, Haifei was unable to afford rent and commuter costs, The Epoch Times reports.

To solve the problem, he used his design skills and built a 6-foot, 7-inch egg-shaped mobile home on public property near where the company is located. He lived in the hut for two months, until it was removed by authorities on Dec. 3.

The $960 (6400 yuan) home was everything he needed and more. It's waterproof, has wheels so it can be moved and has solar panels on the roof to produce electricity. It's made of bamboo and covered in sacks of soil with grass growing for camouflage. Inside is a bed, room for plenty of books and even a small water tank.

Haifei not only wanted a convenient place to live, but also hoped to raise awareness about the living conditions in China, and to open doors for alternative living possibilities.

While you might expect the mobile home was taken away due to complaints, in fact, the neighbors weren't bothered by it, but were rather impressed. It was city officials who removed it because it had broken violations.

Ye Tan of Southern Metropolis Daily wrote, "We should salute the designer of the mini egg house. It is full of green, environmentally-friendly ideas ... and is sufficient to sustain daily life."


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miss egg quotes Isabel Allende:

"Erotica is using a feather; pornograpy is using the whole chicken."

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Barbra Streisand on gay marriage...

About 1991, tabloids outed Jason Gould as being gay. In an interview with The Advocate published August 17, 1999, Barbra Streisand said:

I would never wish for my son to be anything but what he is. He is bright, kind, sensitive, caring, and a very conscientious and good person. He is a very gifted actor and filmmaker. What more could a parent ask for in their child? I have been truly blessed. Most parents feel that their child is particularly special, and I am no different. I have a wonderful son. My only wish for my son, Jason, is that he continues to experience a rich life of love, happiness, joy, and fulfillment, both creatively and personally.

Nobody on this earth has the right to tell anyone that their love for another human being is morally wrong. I will never forget how it made me shudder to hear Pat Buchanan say that he stood 'with George Bush against the immoral idea that gay and lesbian couples should have the same standing in law as married men and women.' Who is Pat Buchanan to pronounce anyone's love invalid? How can he deny the profound love felt by one human being for another? ... Unfortunately, however, as long as people like Newt Gingrich and Pat Buchanan continue in public life, the fight to codify gay marriages will be a tough battle to win.